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It’s understandable if you’re a bit tired of heading out to dinner and a movie for date night. While that is a nice evening out, perhaps next time you want something that will spark a bit more excitement.

The list of options is endless and of course it can depend on your interests, location, budget and how much time you have. Whatever your circumstances, remember that dating should definitely always be fun!

1.   Explore Your Local Attractions

Many of us often overlook the things that are close to home, passing them by but not paying a lot of attention. So, play tourist and head out and visit the sights. Are there galleries or museums you have never been to? Sporting arenas or wineries? If you were visiting your town for the first time, what would you plan to visit? Look up a calendar of events so you can pencil things in for the year.

2.   Live Music or Theatre

Explore the gigs that are happening in your area and hit a local pub or club for some cool tunes and maybe even a bit of a boogie. Local theatre productions of plays, musicals or comedy shows are also worth checking out. Get dressed up a bit and enjoy!

3.   Go Walking

Regardless of where you live, there are likely to be some beautiful walking and hiking trails not too far away. Pack some food and supplies and immerse yourself in nature with an outdoors activity together.

4.   Mini Golf with A Twist

If you’re up for a bit of mini golf, why not try it with a bit more of an edge? Mix an 18-hole mini golf course with a bar, music and more for a guaranteed fun time. What the Putt can provide all this and more – you’ll never look at mini golf the same again.

5.   Take A Surf Lesson

If you’re not too far from the beach, taking part in a group or individual surf lesson with a pro is bound to be a fun time in the water. You may even find a new favourite hobby.

6.   Choose From Your ‘One Day We Should’ List

Most of us say “oh, we should do that one day” and then never get around to it. What is something on your bucket list, or that you daydream about often? Look into it more thoroughly and do it!

7.   Take A Dance Class

Bound to have you laughing while you meet new people and try something new, book in for a couple’s dance class. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to salsa, what is stopping you?

8.   Visit A Drive-In

Very old-school, if you have a drive-in theatre close to you, then take advantage of that. It’s ‘dinner and a movie’ with a totally different vibe.

9.   Visit A Zoo or Aquarium

Watching animals do their thing can be both entertaining and relaxing. Visiting one of these venues can help slow your mind and put things in perspective – nature is simply incredible and worth noticing.

10. Do Something Active

Get your energy levels up with something a bit physical such as trying out a golf driving range, the go-kart track, ice or roller skating or indoor rock climbing.

11. Go Treasure Hunting

Visit local markets, op shops or garage sales on the hunt for a special memento. Perhaps you can add some competition to it, by setting a budget and seeing who best gets the best value for money or coming up with the most ridiculous outfit.

12. Camp In Your Backyard

Good for the budget and so much easier than actually going camping, create a cosy camping spot in your yard. Light a campfire, toast marshmallows and look at the stars. Then spend a romantic night outdoors.

13. Sign Up for An Art Class

Finding your creativity can be fun with your special person, so why not try your hand at a painting class, pottery, photography or create items with resin. At the end, you’ll have a beautiful reminder of your date.

14.  Take A Cooking Class

Book into a cooking class to learn how to cook a particular cuisine that you both love, or something that you consider tricky to cook and have therefore avoided. If you want a cheaper option, stay in and cook something guided by online videos. Then set the table with candles and enjoy a romantic dinner without going anywhere.

15.  Share Your Favourite Hobby

Do you have a sport or activity that you do regularly, that your partner doesn’t share? Why not expose them to it to give them a taste of why you love it so much. It may be a hit of tennis, some gaming or horse riding. The next date is their choice.

16.  Go Bike Riding

A great way to explore your local trails or see some new areas of a town is on a bike. Bike rental options are everywhere if you need that – how about trying a tandem if that takes your fancy?

17.  Do Some Volunteer Work

Look into what is available near you – an animal shelter, soup kitchen or an environmental organisation. Not only will you spend some quality time together, but you will also be contributing to your community and local charities.

18.  Board Games and Puzzles

Have a look at what board games, card games and jigsaw puzzles you have in your cupboards and challenge each other for a fun and relaxing couple of hours.

19.  Recreate Your First Date

As it was the very start of the relationship, do your first date over again – attend the same venue, order the same food and see where it takes you. Alternatively, recreate one of your most special or memorable dates.

20.  Don’t Plan Anything in Particular

That’s right – don’t plan anything! Grab a few basics, jump in the car and just drive. Choose direction by randomly taking turns or head in a direction you don’t usually go. Stop when you want, exploring whatever attractions or sights you come across.

There is nothing stopping you now – enjoy your dates like never before and you’ll be surprised at what you’ve been missing! If you want to begin your dating adventure with drinks and mini golf, book a session today.

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