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DC’s Stargirl is filled with engrossing narratives and thought-provoking ideas. Many of its characters grow and develop in very interesting ways. Several of them have strong values systems and hold intriguing perspectives about life and about the world. Check out this list of three themes that appear in DC’s Stargirl.

1. Female Empowerment

A substantial amount of positive female characters are featured in Stargirl, which is produced by Geoff Johns. Courtney Whitmore, as Stargirl, is an influential leader, powerful fighter, and trustworthy friend. She does her best to combat injustice as well as form amazing bonds amongst her superhero comrades. Another effective female character is Beth Chapel. As Doctor Mid-Nite, Beth is the brains of the show’s crimefighting league. She helps her fellow superhero friends gather pertinent information, detect lies, and navigate various settings. Another vital female character from the show is Yolanda Montez; she overcame public shaming and went on to become the formidable superheroine Wildcat.

2. Blended Families

The series features a blended family and talks about the issues surrounding such families. Courtney Whitmore’s mother, Barbara Whitmore, marries Pat Dugan, making Pat her stepfather and his son, Mike Dugan, her stepbrother. Viewers watch as Courtney tries to make sense of these new familial ties. At the beginning of their relationship, Courtney and Pat clashed. She was unable to accept his position as the head of their household, acknowledge his authority, or heed his warnings. However, as time passed, the two of them developed a more harmonious connection. Courtney not only began to view Pat as a father figure, but she was also able to work with him while she fought off various villains⁠—he took on the role of her sidekick, S.T.R.I.P.E.

3. Positive Attitudes

One of the most notable aspects of Courtney’s character is her positive outlook. She is always willing to see the best people. Moreover, she is constantly looking for ways to help others whenever they are faced with a crisis or dilemma. Courtney as a regular teenage girl and as the superheroine, Stargirl, can inspire members of the audience to assume a more optimistic stance on life. Even when faced with villains who have committed horrendous crimes, Courtney is still able to forgive and treat them with kindness.

The themes in DC’s Stargirl are motivating and intellectually stimulating. The show is likely to galvanize millions of young people to take action and become heroes in their own communities.

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