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5 Unique Wedding Guest Books You’ll Display Long After Your Big Day 

Wedding guest books are an excellent way to keep the memory of your wedding day alive. So, wouldn’t you want yours to look fantastic so that you can use it as a decorative piece in your home? A typical book often finds itself in a closet, gathering dust a few months after the wedding. You can prevent that from happening by choosing some of the excellent designs mentioned in this article.

With a unique and gorgeous wedding guest book, you can proudly display a souvenir from a momentous occasion of your life. So, let’s look at some options of both traditional guest books and alternatives.  

  1. Filigree and Monogram Guest Book

The union between you and your fiancé can be represented through a beautifully-designed monogram on your wedding guest book. Each of your initials will be used to create a monogram etched into the paper. It’s situated in the center or around beautiful filigree. You can choose from five different filigree types, including elegant, Modern, Botanical Wreath, Ampersand, and Classic Filigree styles. The artwork itself on the filigree and monogram guest book is enough reason to want to display this piece in your home after the wedding.

  1. Chalkboard Design Personalized Guest Book Alternative

For those looking for wedding guest book alternatives, the chalkboard design is worth considering. The book’s cover is a chalkboard design made of acrylic polaroid, and it includes the names of the bride and groom and the wedding date. It also has 20 blank pages where your guests can write their wishes and sign them. While this book is designed for weddings, you can also use it for other occasions.

  1. Personalized Wooden Wedding Guest Books

If you choose a rustic design for your wedding décor, personalized wooden wedding guest books are a fantastic option. The cover page is made of natural wood, and it includes different styles for the bride and groom names and the date. With some designs, you can also choose to add additional text, or you could get an etched botanical wreath.

There are, of course, 24 pages inside the book for your guests to write some memorable words. With so many pages, you can also attach physical photographs to the pages to make your guest book more interesting. You can also show it to your friends after the wedding to help them revisit those happy memories with you.

  1. Personalized Polaroid Guest Book

Couples that love adding a visual element to their wedding memories will appreciate the use of a personalized polaroid guest book. This type of design is an alternative guest book that can help you pair photos with words. Instead of adding your photos after your wedding, you can keep a polaroid camera beside the guest book on your wedding day.

That way, your guests can take an image of themselves or others at the event and stick them beside their wishes. So, in addition to giving you a much nicer-looking guest book than a traditional one, you’ll also create a fun little activity for your guests.

You can add the bride and groom names on the acrylic polaroid cover page. The book also contains a total of 21 interior pages where your guests can add kind words along with their pictures.

  1. Square Puzzle Design Guest Book

If you’re looking for a truly unique alternative to a wedding guest book, then you must consider the square puzzle design guest book. The book is like a jigsaw puzzle with 64 exterior pieces. So, a guest can remove one piece and write some of their wishes at the back of the piece. The piece is smooth to allow you to write with any kind of pen. You also don’t need to worry about the writing rubbing off.

So, when the piece is placed back, it’s a clean design, but you can see the wishes when you remove the piece. Moreover, the personalized bride and groom names and the date are in the center of the piece.

This type of design is great for rustic décor. You could also complete the décor with personalized wedding napkins that complement the rest of the interior design.

Last Few Words

While guest books are a great way to keep your wedding’s memory alive for you, personalized wedding welcome bags can do the same for your guests. It can include some souvenirs and make your guests feel special.

Personalized bags also give you the opportunity to show some appreciation to the people who helped you make your wedding special If you’re ready to make your special day even more unique, then head over to My Wedding Reception Ideas and pick your favorite personalized wedding guest book.

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