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Apple TV to release John Lasseter’s Spellbound in 2023

Skydance Animation is getting attention for its extraordinarily imaginative animated projects, such as its first full-length films, Luck and Blush. The company has its eye on the prize and is consistently climbing toward the top under the guidance of the director, John Lasseter, by creating quality animations that will go down in history as some of the best in the business.

John Lasseter is already the recipient of two Academy Awards and is primarily attributed to helping Pixar rise to fame during this time there as Chief Creative Officer. However, Lasseter got his start in the industry with Disney, where he also made lasting impressions. His creations have grossed over $19 billion worldwide, making Lasseter one of the world’s most successful filmmakers in history. Lasseter takes credit for five of the eight animated films that have made over $1 billion.

Lasseter’s latest contribution to the world of animation is the highly anticipated Spellbound. Named initially, The Unbreakable Spell, Skydance Animation’s latest film has something for everyone. Its main character is a heroic young girl who serves as a perfect role model for the young female, viewing the audience with her inner and outer strength and familial values that parental film watchers appreciate.

Predicted to be the company’s next big breakthrough film, the John Lasseter work of genius is marketed toward a broad demographic of all ages. Even though the film’s plot has not been fully revealed, based on the success of Luck, Spellbound’s predecessor, it is predicted to be a huge success.

The few known details about Spellbound focus on a story centered around a fantasy kingdom that stands in danger from the divisive powers of light and darkness. West Side Story‘s Rachel Zegler plays the role of intrepid Princess Ellian, a dynamo of strength and courage who sets out to save the kingdom and her parents, the King and Queen. Considering that a spell was cast on her parents, turning them into monsters, this appears to be challenging.

Armed with magical abilities, Princess Eileen sets out to save the day, only to encounter a variety of eccentric characters who are generous in their abilities to help her along the way. Her goal is to break the curse cast over the family, rescue her mom, dad, and her kingdom, and keep them all from finding themselves in eternal darkness.

While produced by John Lasseter, Dana Goldbeerg, David Ellison, and David Lipman for Skydance Animation, the film is directed by Vicky Jenson with Elizabeth Martin. Chris Montan, former head of Disney Music, is the executive music producer for the film. Linda Woolverton wrote the script based on Jess Towns’ novel of the same name. Alan Menen wrote the score, and Glenn Slater the lyrics.

Holly Edwards, Skydance Animation’s President, who produced the popular films Madagascar, Megamind, Penguins, and Trolls, described Spellbound in terms of its being a “beautiful world of fantasy filled with magic and compelling characters” that she went on to describe it as being the type that will resonate with worldwide audiences. The pre-publicity alone indicates the probability of this happening.

In addition to Rachel Zegler, Spellbound enjoys an all-star cast that includes such greats as Nicole Kidman, veteran actors John Lithgow and Nathan Lane, and Javiar Bardem. Nicole Kidman plays the role of Queen Ellsmere of Lumbria, whose husband is played by Bardem, the voice of King Solon of Lumbria. They join their princess daughter on a bold adventure sure to please everyone. John Lithgow plays the role of Minister Bolinar. Minister Nazara Prone, a royal advisor, is played by Jenifer Lewis. Nathan Lane’s role is that of the Oracles of the Sun and Moon. Andre De Shields and Jordan Fisher provide additional vocal expertise.

Luck and Spellbound were initially slated for Paramount because of its existing movie deal with Skydance. However, on December 16, 2020, John Lasseter’s organization entered into talks with Apple regarding taking over the distribution rights to the films, which it did. Still, Apple has yet to announce a definite release date.

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