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Art and Magic Intertwine as Cirque du Soleil Unveils Full Slate of Amazing Shows

The bright lights of Las Vegas invite more than 30 million visitors every single year. Whether these visitors are coming to town to enjoy gambling at the casinos, live entertainment from the top professionals in the world, or simply to see some of the best shows in Vegas – they’ll often find what they are looking for.

Vegas is the kind of place that can quickly overwhelm the unready and disorganized. Before booking your flight to the city, let’s take a moment to prepare you for some fun things to do in Las Vegas while you are around.

Enjoy the Natural Surroundings

One of the best ways to save money while enjoying your trip to Vegas is by focusing on the natural surroundings. Nevada has some truly gorgeous landscapes, and from Vegas, you are only a short ride to places like the Grand Canyon or the Hoover Dam. Pack in a car with your friends and family to soak up some natural wonder.

To enjoy the sights while staying close to Fremont Street, simply head out to the strip at any point in the early evening. You’ll quickly be awed by the fantastic Las Vegas performers that ply their trade from every corner and avenue.

Spend Time on a Show With Cirque du Soleil

Named after the Circus of the Sun, Cirque du Soleil has been sparkling under the bright lights of Las Vegas since they first called the Strip their home. Now known as one of the world’s top producers of live entertainment, people from all over the globe travel to Vegas to enjoy their stunning shows and unique events.

Individuals looking for some of the best shows in Vegas tonight will want to scope out Cirque du Soleil’s impressive catalog.

The Beatles LOVE – Head to the Mirage Hotel and Casino, and you can join your favorite 60s musicians in a celebration of an era. Produced by a Grammy Award-winning team of talents, Love takes everything we adored about the Beatles before putting it into a modernized and psychedelic live performance.

Mad Apple at New York, New York – Considered one of the more entertaining variety shows on the strip, Mad Apple is a celebration of NYC’s wildest side. The event starts with live magic and cocktails before transitioning into a rollicking variety show brimming with laughs, goofs, and stunts.

The Blue Man Group – Speaking in a language beyond words, the Blue Man Group offers unique shows on a nightly basis to their adoring fans at the Luxor Hotel and Casino. Without the use of language, the Blue Man Group drums the night away to light shows, spectacle, and comedy.

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