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Canadian Voice Actor Mark Hauser Discusses the Industry and What Makes Him Succeed

Mark Hauser is a veteran of the silver screen and the audio booth, a voice actor with the rare A-Lister headshot and a resume to match. Most recently known for his voice-over work in the hit Korean series Alice in Borderland, Mark Hauser took time out of his busy career to reveal some of the key insights that have helped him to progress in the field over the years.

More than just another name in the acting industry, Mark Hauser has developed a reputation for hearty work that is underscored by his neutral accent and uncanny ability to adapt to regional dialects. Already an Actra Award Nominee, Hauser had plenty to share on the topics of art and creation as well as entrepreneurship and motivation.

Let’s explore Hauser’s work together to better understand his approach to life and the arts.

Making a Career Out of Passion

For many artists and creatives, their desire to pursue their dreams was something intrinsic to their very being. Mark had always been intrigued by how actors take their audiences on journeys into different worlds and it was that very captivating concept that led him to pursue the passion for himself.

Hauser said while sitting down for an interview with the team at Ideamensch, “By capturing the essence of each character and bringing them to life, the audience becomes an integral part of the story. I have always wanted to play a role in that process.”

An affinity for storytelling would drive Hauser toward the acting field and it was there that he would find himself truly at home. Hauser has acting credits dating back to the 1996 television series My Hometown, with countless projects in between.

Staying this active in the acting field hasn’t come easy for Hauser. Hauser notes, “What I do every day is driven by my acting commitments. If I’m actively working on a project, I’m physically on set or in the recording studio.”

Bringing Ideas to Life For the Audience

To find consistent success in the entertainment field, Hauser understands that he has to remain authentic to himself while offering something that the director is looking for. Hauser states, “I visualize the ideal personification of that character. I form a picture of how they should dress, walk and talk.”

Hauser understands that truly embodying his character is the key to long-term success in the field. Hauser added in his interview, “After I have completely defined the character, I immerse myself in the process of becoming that person.”

As far as what he’d advocate for others seeking the same success in his field? Hauser advocates planning ahead. Mark stated, “Every night, I make a list of 3 to 5 things I plan to complete the next day.”

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