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Considering A Photo Booth For Your Next Party?

Planning a party can be a stressful experience, as there is a lot of pressure on the host to make sure the guests have a good time. If you’re planning a birthday party or event, and are struggling to come up with some amusing entertainment, then maybe consider hiring a photo booth! This article explains how a photo booth can take your event to the next level, and includes some other helpful party planning tips as well.

Benefits of Having A Photo Booth For Your Party:

Engaging Your Guests

The main benefit of hiring a photo booth package for your next party is that you can be sure your guests will be happy and engaged. A photo booth encourages people to relax, laugh and be a bit silly – it’s the perfect ice breaker. Also, the booth is immediately ready to go, you can even have an attendant who makes sure it all runs smoothly – so you don’t have to put very much effort into the entertainment and can focus on the other parts of creating a successful party.

Signing The Guest Book

With some photo booth hire packages, you’re able to use the photo booth as a guest book as well. This is a great idea, because most people forget to sign a normal guest book, and when they do it’s usually quite unimaginative. So this creates a fun experience for the guests and encourages them to leave thoughtful and unique messages.

Variety of Choices

One of the best things about photo booths is there is something for everyone. For instance, if you have a classy party theme you could choose a vintage style photo booth, or if you’re having a modern, youthful party, then a social media photo booth is the right choice. Also, you may be automatically thinking that a photo booth will be out of your price range, but because there is usually such a wide selection of options, they always have an affordable choice as well. The plentiful choices don’t just include the actual booths either, you can pick from countless backdrops and props to go with the booth as well.

Create Memories

Photobooth hire packages are perfect if you want to create lasting memories, but don’t want to hire a photographer. These booths capture candid, meaningful moments and hilarious memories that you and your guests can cherish. Also, it’s much better than having a photographer make people pose in awkward, forced positions – your guests can choose their own filters and props, and can pose however they want. The memories won’t just be kept in your photo album where no one will see them either, because with most photo booths your guests can instantaneously send the pictures to themselves, or even post on social media.

Ensures An Exciting Event

One of the main concerns of any party host is the success of their event – you’ll want everyone to have a great time and be raving about the experience afterwards. Having a photo booth at the party will ensure that all your guests are entertained, have fun, and interact with everyone else. Photo booths are an interactive, varied, and amusing attraction to have at any type of party. Your guests will never be bored with a range of Instagram filters, digital masks, stylish props and customisable touch screens to play with.

Other Things To Consider When Planning Your Party:

Now that the entertainment portion of your evening is sorted, you’ll need to figure out the other basic parts of planning a party, this includes:

  • Food & Drink:

Make sure you figure out your budget first so that you can decide whether you’ll be making food for the event yourself, or whether you’ll be hiring a caterer. If you’re the one cooking, then you should pick foods that are quick and easy to prepare – otherwise, you’ll need a lot of helpers to make it work. Also, if you’re getting a professional to make a birthday cake, then order it weeks in advance to make sure you get the best one. Hiring a professional bartender for the party is also a good idea, and a fun option would be having a cocktail mixology lesson or wine and beer tastings.

  • Theme & Decorations:

You always have to decide on the theme before buying decorations – so plan this well in advance. The scale of your theme will also depend on the budget you have available, but sometimes choosing a simpler idea is better anyway. Something like a Great Gatsby night is a lot easier to pull off – think cocktails, fancy clothes and gold decorations – in comparison to a strange, specific theme like ‘unicorns’. Once you have decided on your theme, then you can buy centrepieces, balloons, streamers, and lights to decorate the venue.

  • Location:

The main part of choosing a location is deciding if you’re going to hire a venue or have the party at someone’s house. If you have it at someone’s house, then you need to figure out what needs to be done to prepare the area – such as cleaning and gardening. Also, if you’re having the event outside in the backyard, you’ll need to have a plan for if it rains! However, with a venue, you’ll have less time to prepare the area beforehand, so you’ll need to create a plan of action for when you arrive.

Choose A Professional Photo Booth Company

For the most important aspect of your party – your entertainment – you’ll need a reliable, professional photo booth company. If you choose the right company, then they will give you advice on the best booth for your party’s theme and style, and you’ll have an expert photo booth attendant to help you create a successful event.

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