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Everything you need to know about lightsaber colors

Lightsabers were commonly used in the movie “Star wars”.  They were among the powerful weapons used during the war. In the film, seven lightsabers were used. Each had different color from the other one. According to the movie “Star World”, the lightsaber colors depended on the character of the wielder. Lightsabers would get their blade color from the Kyber crystals positioned inside them. They are also determined by the strength of the Jedi using the lightsaber. In other instances, lightsaber crystals were substituted using Kunda stones.

Here is an overview of the meaning of each lightsaber color

1.     Blue Lightsabers

The blue lightsaber is one of the weapons used by Anakin Skywalker and his son Luke Skywalker in the film “Star Wars”. Blue Lightsabers are a symbol of justice and protection. Blue Lightsabers are owned by Jedi warriors. If you happen to watch the fight between Jedi and sith, you will see a clash of two colors i.e. the red and blue. The Sith is battling to gain full access over the galaxy while the Jedi aims to avoid any destruction.

2.     Green Lightsabers

Green Lightsabers in the film symbolized peace. Yoda is the most popular wielder who used the green lightsaber in the movie. You can easily notice from the film that he values concord and he believes every being will share the space amicably. He demonstrates high levels of kindness throughout the series. Yoda is also seen to have a cooperative, friendly and helpful demeanor. The green lightsaber also possesses a strong association with nature.  Those who pose the green lightsaber have a lot of power but they prefer to be calm.

3.     Red lightsaber

Red lightsaber symbolizes both power and evil. In the film, “The Star Wars”, the green lightsaber is posed by Sith. He is seen as very notorious and nasty. He aims to control the galaxy by whichever means. Those who use the red lightsaber are very brave and they cannot be tied down easily. They are also linked to instability and wildness. Even if most users of the red Lightsabers are weird, they are still determined to execute their plans.

4.     Purple lightsaber

The purple lightsaber is associated with moral ambiguity. It is a blend of red and blue. Red signifies violence while blue signifies justice. The purple lightsaber is one of the mysterious Lightsabers in the film “The Star World”. They are not as popular as the blue, red or green ones. Jedi Master Mace Windu possesses the purple lightsaber in the movie.

5.     White lightsaber

The white lightsaber symbolizes the fighter’s freedom. Ahsoka Tano possesses the white lightsaber in the film. Ahsoka is seen to be supporting the Anakin by leading the clone army of the Republic.

6.     Black lightsaber

Black lightsaber symbolizes self-obsession. The weilders who used the lightsaber were not users of force. The lightsaber had a unique color. It has a unique black plasma blade that distinguishes sit from other Lightsabers.

Final words

In conclusion, there are several Lightsabers in the film “The Star Wars”. The above article clearly illustrates some lightsaber colors used in the movie.  Each lightsaber color had a unique meaning as illustrated above.

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