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Housewarming Party Game Ideas

Try any of these ideas if you want your housewarming party to be more than a show of never-ending house tours. They are a great way to have fun with your friends and show off your new home.

All of these games are good for your new house because you don’t need many extra tools besides what you already have. Because of this, you will enjoy the party more and it will be easier to plan.

These games and staking on casinositesreview.io are great for grown-up parties of all kinds, like birthday parties.

For small prizes for winners of contests, gift cards are a great option that will be liked by everyone. Give gift cards to shops like Home Depot, Lowe’s, Michael’s, or Bed Bath & Beyond that sell things for the home to show that you care about the home environment. There are also things like keychains, potted plants, chocolates, and kitchen tools. Anything with a home theme can’t go wrong.

New House Scavenger Hunt

A treasure hunt is a great way to get people interested in all of your new features and to get them to explore your site. Your guests could tell you a lot about your new home, furniture, and other things.

Use this treasure hunt or make your own to see how much you know about us. Version is free and can be printed out.

Room Memory

This memory-based group game is great for a party to welcome someone into their new home. Show each group of people a certain room for 2 minutes. Before they leave, tell them to write down anything they remember from what they saw inside the room. The team that gets the most questions right wins.

Pick a Card, Any Card

If you buy a stack of “Moving Announcement Cards,” guests will have no trouble finding your new address. To make it into a game, put a number in one of the corners that match the numbers on the playing cards. If everyone has a card, you can draw a number. The winner is the person whose number of moving cards matches the number on the winner’s card.

Famous House Match

You can print out pictures of homes from the movies and TV shows you like. Ask your guests to name the program-related home to see how much they know. Guests can use their phones to take this quiz to see how well they matched the house to the person. You can get on online casinos real money when you are done with famous house match.

House Style Crossword

How much do your guests know about how houses are built? In this easygoing birthday party game, players have to solve a crossword puzzle with 19 different kinds of homes to find the answer.

Unscramble Our House

Ask your guests to write as many words as they can using only the letters in “house.” The number 27 should help point the way.

Don’t give up! You could even ask people to guess your last name or the name of the street where you live now. “House,” “family,” “neighborhood,” and so on are some of the other choices.

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