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How to Encourage Your Kids to Get the Most Out of Their Theatre Experience

Providing children access to enriching experiences like arts and culture is crucial. Watching a live performance at the theatre can bring a world of emotions and possibilities to kids’ lives – but getting them there in the first place is just one part of the journey. With so many growth opportunities from attending an event, we must ensure our children make the most of every learning opportunity available through theatre performance. In this blog post, we will dive into what parents can do to encourage their kids before they attend a show and while they are watching – enabling us to make memorable moments on stage together!

Introduce your kids to theatre and explain the importance

Going to the theatre with your children is a great way to introduce them to the magical world of live performance. It’s a fantastic opportunity to show them all the incredible ideas, stories, and emotions that can be expressed onstage. Children especially love shows based on popular books, films, or TV programs they already know and love, giving them an entry point into the thrill of theatre. When taking your kids to see a play, discuss themes before and after so they can gain a deeper understanding of its messages. If we talk about children theatre Irvine, there are countless benefits for children, helping them develop their imaginations, increase their knowledge of human emotion, and foster creativity and resilience. Showing your kids what can be accomplished when people come together on stage will have lasting effects in opening their minds to different worlds – let the performances you see together become the jumping-off points for many educational conversations!


Explain why theatre is so engaging and how it can help them grow

Theatre has been a part of human culture for centuries, and its ability to amaze and inspire remains timeless. Experiencing the combination of music, acting, and storytelling through theatre can be both an exciting adventure and an opportunity for personal growth. Theatre helps to bring stories to life; it teaches us empathy as we learn what it is like to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes; it encourages us to find our voice; it enhances our storytelling abilities by crafting characters that are unique and captivating; and it helps build resilience when facing hardship and obstacles. Additionally, there is something satisfying about taking part in a collective experience, such as watching a play, whether it’s with friends or family. With so much potential for self-reflection and growth offered on stage, it’s no wonder theatre continues to captivate audiences worldwide!


Prep them for their first show by discussing the basics

Performing at a show can be a nerve-wracking experience, and you want to make sure your performer is as prepared as possible. When preparing them for their first show, discuss the basics, like what they can expect while performing. Ensure they know the potential noise level – if it’s an outdoor show, it may be quite loud due to passing cars or people talking. Talk with them about the music, too, such as what type of genre will be played and if there will be any tempo changes throughout the night. Knowing these details ahead of time can help make their debut performance one that stands out from the rest in all the right ways.


Encourage them to practice positive audience etiquette

Audiences are integral to any performance, and audience members must behave respectfully. Positive audience etiquette fosters productive relationships among the performers and viewers alike, as respectful behavior conveys respect toward the performers’ hard work. Consequently, it helps encourage a supportive environment that allows performers and audiences to feel comfortable enjoying the experience more fully. Therefore, remember to clap at the correct times and maintain a respectful attitude during performances- this will help create an atmosphere of positivity and appreciation for everyone involved!

Make sure they have snacks or refreshments

An essential part of any performance is making sure that snacks and refreshments won’t be disruptive for the audience or performers. Having snacks or refreshments is essential but be mindful of foods that won’t distract from what’s happening on stage. Avoid messy finger foods like chips, which can make noise when eaten, and drinks with lids that could pop off during the show. The best choices are items like cookies, muffins, and bars that can be quietly enjoyed before and after the performance. Beverages should not require bottles or cans, and it’s helpful to provide straws and cups so attendees can take sips without needing to remove the lid. Making thoughtful decisions about what snack options will be available is another way to ensure your performance goes off without a hitch!


Have a post-show discussion with your kids 

A post-show discussion with your kids can be a fantastic way to get them talking and expressing their feelings. Take the time to chat and ask questions after seeing a show, movie, or performance to help your children process what they just took in. Ask questions like “What did you think of that?” or “What was your favorite part of the show?”. Discussing plot points and unique experiences afterward allows conversations to go deeper than general reactions and can bring out important takeaways from which both you and your child can benefit. Acting on this opportunity post-show can create an even more memorable shared experience.

Theatre opens a whole new world of possibilities for adults and children. Introducing your kids to the theatre can be a great way to help them appreciate their potential for creativity, explore complex emotions and dynamics in a fun and engaging manner, and develop their sense of empathy and understanding. By preparing them for the experience, teaching them basic etiquette, and encouraging discussion after the performance, you have provided a fantastic opportunity for your children to get more out of theatre than just an entertaining show; they have been given a chance to learn and grow from the entire experience. They can come away feeling confident that even with the unfamiliarity of such an environment, they can still explore it with open minds and hearts. So, express your enthusiasm about their first show – it could be life-changing!

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