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Rye whiskey can be a great way to get your party or gathering going. It is served at most bars and restaurants and because of the alcohol content, it’s usually fairly cheap, making it easy to find. Here are a few tips to choose the best rye for your celebration.

If you are having a dinner party, a good choice would be a rye whiskey. You can find one that’s very sweet like Grandma’s or maybe you like something a bit more crisp. Irish cream or whiskey dry is a good choice as well as an alternative to Grandma’s dessert. White whiskey is another great choice as it ages and mellows a bit. Rittenhouse rye is made from older rye in New York and it is a very delicious option that ages well.

If you are having a good time and want to keep your guests entertained, a great choice would be a white wine rye liquor. Aged specifically to make it have a high alcohol content, white wine rye takes on the flavors of the aging process. You will often find a white wine rye in a bar for parties or gatherings. You can also buy a nice rye whiskey for your home. Just do not try to drink it before you’ve had a meal because it might not be as enjoyable for a first-time drinker.

You may be a good cook at heart and enjoy making all kinds of festive dishes. If you are ever offered a selection of rye liquor, take advantage of it. You can make some tasty mixed cocktails and even some great finger foods. The best part about making your favorite dishes with it is that you can always create new recipes for it later.

The quality of a rye liquor is determined by how it has been stored over time. For optimum taste, it should be stored for a minimum of twelve months. However, if you do not have the time to do that, then rye can be purchased in bottles, bulk or retail form. If you wish to purchase it in bulk, then you can buy it from any good bulk retailer and get discounts.

Look for the “marks” left on the rye after distillation. These marks are basically a chemical that is present in the outer covering of the eye. It is known as the “bitters” and they help in enhancing the taste. They give it a distinct flavor that has not been found in any other type of alcoholic drink before. If you want a taste that is better than any other brand, then do not try other brands with ryes.

Of course, rye is made for drinking and that is what we’ll do for this article. If you are just visiting the area for business, ask around to see if any of the local restaurants have it on hand. You never know when they might offer it as an appetizer, or they might be able to recommend a place to get some. Most of the time, people are glad to help and will point you in the right direction. Either way, make sure you take some home with you and enjoy it while you are here.

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