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Know your Voice Type

Voice type is the diverse range of voices, tone and range that singers have. Some commonly known types of voices are Soprano, Tenor, Bass etc. every singer has a certain uniqueness to their voice but there are also similarities which help us to classify them into certain groups.

Let’s discuss various kinds of voices.

There are three kinds of female voices and 4 kinds of male voices in the realm of classical singing. They are as follows:

  1. Male Voices: Countertenor, Bass, Baritone and bass comes under male voices.
  2. Female Voices: Mezzo Soprano, Soprano and Contralto are the female voices.

These are the broad classifications which can be used across various music genres like pop, jazz etc.


  1. Vocal Range: The main characteristic which helps you determine your voice type is your vocal range. In order to train on musical notes which suit your voice better, it is absolutely essential for you to know your vocal range. Otherwise, you might end up practicing notes which are too high for your range and it can result in you damaging your voice.
  2. Vocal Tone: Vocal tones differ from one singer to another. Some may use bright and ringing voices while others may use heavy and sombre voices. Being aware of your vocal tone helps you narrow down your choices regarding what kind of songs you can perform and which song will suit to your voice. For example, people with heavy voices can perform songs that require more belting and vocal projection, whereas someone with a delicate and light voice can perform songs which are gentle and soft.
  3. Notice the Changes: You will notice a lot of changes in your voice’s tone and quality when you more from low pitches to higher notes. These changes are known as vocal register changes. Noticing these changes while singing helps you know which kind of voice type you have. It also helps to implement certain vocal exercises which are more efficient for your voice.

These are the factors which help you to determine your voice type. You can either take professional help or try to figure out your voice type on your own. Taking voice lessons can be an efficient way to know your voice type and also hone your skills. Your voice teacher will work towards developing your voice and sound. If someone as experienced as a teacher is helping you determine your voice type, it will not only be more efficient but the chances to get the most out of voice would also increase greatly. It is absolutely essential that you are aware about the type of your voice since it determines the kind of songs you will be singing and the kind of notes you will be playing with. It you are an amateur singer who is struggling to find their voice type then you should definitely join a voice lesson. It will guide you and show you the right path to walk on.

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