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The 21st century has brought about a significant change in the way we live our lives. From having technologically assisted homes, and the power of AI feeling lives, humanity has come a long way in the last couple of decades.

Dubai is accredited as one of the most happening communities worldwide. The city of glitter and lights brings joy to those who tread into its confines. If you’re someone looking for a beautiful home in this beautiful city, we recommend trying out Jumeirah Village Circle (JVC). JVC Dubai is home to a wide range of facilities and modern delights, making it the Dordrecht modern-day luxurious community for people across the globe.

What Makes JVC Special?

JVC in Dubai is one of the most brilliant communities since it hosts a plethora of lifestyle luxuries making life more convenient for its residents. The gated village has over 2000 villas and is located 24 minutes from the Dubai International Airport. Additionally, accessibility is at its peak here, with the closest metro being the Mall of the Emirates.

Apart from accessibility, Dubai’s JVC also hosts the JSS International School, making it a perfect choice for families to shift into. Proximity to the Al Zahra Hospital also assures a high level of security in times of need.

Apart from these elements, Jumeirah Village’s infrastructure is a class apart. The 4 bedroom villas come with 3 terraces, garages for 2 cars, living, dining, kitchen, backside terraces, and numerous washrooms. Significant apartment developments in the area include Belgravia I, II, & III, Belgravia Heights, Belgravia Square, Zaya Hament, and Five JVC.

The Newest Addition to Jumeirah Village

Jumeirah Village Circle has recently added one of the most unique attractions to its mix – the Circle Mall. The bespoke mall comes with 80+ retail stores, 40+ dine-in options, 100+ seats at the food court, 1000+ parking spaces and an extensive 60,000 square-foot Gym Space. Additionally, the Hyper & Supermarkets at the mall cover an astounding 126,000 square feet. The mall in itself gives the community at the JVC a new and redefined life. It houses several key attractions like:

  • Play areas for children to network and make friends easily,
  • Gyms for active people who are into an active lifestyle,
  • Numerous top-tier restaurants for people who are into trying out a multitude of cuisines,
  • A health club allowing people to enjoy a variety of sports and fitness activities,
  • A swimming pool to blow off the steam after a tense workday or work-week,
  • Parkour DXB offers a fun experience for all age groups across the board to indulge in safe parkour,
  • Studio X is a space designed for individuals to practice their respective art forms at peace, including martial arts, crafts, dance, education, etc.

Thus, overall, the world of JVC is unique and quite different. Despite offering a secluded and peaceful charm, it has all the modern world necessities that you would need to live a prosperous and healthy life!





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