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Plan The Ultimate Post Lockdown Party!

It’s probably been a while since you had a get together with a large group of friends and possibly even longer since you had to plan an actual celebration. With so many milestone birthdays and events missed in 2020, many people are going to want to plan the ultimate post lockdown party – after all, what better excuse do you need to get together with loved ones and let your hair down? We know that putting together the ultimate part takes some organising at the best of times, but with this one needing to be a party that makes up for a year of missed events, the pressure really is on! Here are some tips to help make your party planning a little easier.

Get The Venue Sorted

One of the first things you want to do is get your venue sorted. With a whole range of events throughout 2020 and the start of 2021 postponed, dates are likely going to get booked up, especially in really popular venues. That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get your first venue choice, but it does mean you should be speaking to them and getting booked straight away.

Before you commit to booking it would be wise just to check with them that they are going to be able to offer everything you need for your party and what their policy is regarding cancellation due to Coronavirus restrictions just for peace of mind should the worst happen.

What About Catering?

Whatever type of party you’re looking to arrange, your guests are going to expect to come away well fed. The type of food you want to give them will vary depending on the event you’re arranging so it is worth giving some thought to what you think would work. A post lockdown party probably doesn’t call for a sit down three-course meal, so a finger buffet might just be where it’s at! Of course, you will want some sort of cake too because who doesn’t love cake?

Drinks for toast

Unless you’re a lottery winner or secret millionaire, you probably don’t want to foot the bill for all your mates getting trashed at your party. That said, it can be a nice touch to offer a drink on arrival or perhaps for everyone to have a glass of cocktail if there is going to be any sort of speech at the event. A glass of fizz or your own lockdown cocktail doesn’t have to be expensive but is a nice touch to add to your event. You may even find that your venue is able to throw in something for you, so it is worth chatting to them about what you’d like.


No party is complete without some sort of entertainment – and much like venues these are getting booked up so get organised and think about what you want. A DJ is a popular choice and you’re often able to chat to them in advance about the type of songs you want – and of course, your guests can request songs on the night too! Live music is a nice addition to any party night so why not research some local bands for hire & see who is available. This gives your DJ a break and breaks up the entertainment for the evening. Live music is also a great way to get your guests up and dancing, which makes for a cracking second half of any party, especially when this is followed up by the return of your DJ playing the tunes your guests have asked for

Dress Code & Finishing Touches

Once all of this is in place you can start to plan all of the little bits and the finishing touches to help make your post lockdown party perfect. For example, do you want there to be a dress code? What sort of invites are you going to send to your guests? You could even opt for things like a photo booth or props on the tables to encourage everyone to take silly photos on the night.

A post lockdown party is a perfect way to say goodbye to the difficult events of the last 18 months and to start afresh with loved ones. Everyone will be looking for an excuse to let their hair down and all waiting to have a good time. With some careful organising and planning, you can help create the ultimate lockdown party.

With so many people keen to make new memories, once you have all of this sorted the only thing you must worry about is the guest list and what you’re going to wear. So, get planning and make your first party after lockdown one that everyone is going to remember for all the right reasons.

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