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Roulette of different versions- What version will you choose?

Roulette is an interesting game where luck plays a vital factor. However, it also involves some rules important for players. Based on the type of wheel used for the game, you can find a difference in the game. The most common roulette versions are American, French, and European. However, which version should you choose to play roulette NetBet? It is essential to know about the popular versions of roulette.

European roulette

Although you have to learn different rules to play every version of roulette, it is easy to play the game. The most important task is to guess when the ball will hit the wheel. This step is common for any roulette version.

The wheel in European roulette is different from other versions in one aspect. It includes 37 numbers and a single zero pocket. That is why you will get a lower house edge. You will find 1 in 37 odds of finding the correct number while betting on a particular number. It makes the roulette game highy attractive to you.

But, do not mistakenly think that the European roulette is present only in the European countries. You will find it in several other countries, including the USA. Casinos like to encourage players to play the game with the best odds.

American roulette

It is another version of the roulette game with 38 options. The numbers can range from 1 to 38. There are both single-zero and double zero pockets. It can increase the house edge, and the casino has a chance of enjoying a higher profit.

While betting on different numbers, you may place your outside bets on several combinations. You must know these game rules to play American roulette in different casinos. When you have placed an even money bet and the ball lands on the zero, you can lose 50% of the stake.

French roulette

French roulette has some similarities to the European version, as it also includes 37 numbers. But, the game rules are slightly different, and you have to know about 2 major features- la partage and en prison.

You may also call it the halfback rule. The term, la partage, indicates that when you place your even-money bet (with the ball landing on zero), you will get back 50% of your bet. Thus, you will have a low chance of losing the amount.

Players may also control their stakes while they do not like to sacrifice the other half. The French version of roulette is available in online casinos of different countries.

Based on your personal preference, you can choose any version of the game. As a novice, you may try out 3 versions. You will learn the details about them and continue playing with any of these versions.  Choose the roulette variation and apply the right technique to play this game. But, the house edge is the most important factor to distinguish these versions. Understand the rules of the game and enjoy roulette on the online casino platforms.

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