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The best features aboard 40’boats

Some yachts have some absolutely exceptional features, swimming pools, jacuzzi, beach clubs, fold-out balconies and much more. Yachts are built to some of the highest standards, for the world’s most exigent clients. Is it possible to purchase a boat with the same level of attention to detail and quality finishes? Let’s discover this with a few exceptionally well-built boats, worthy of the largest yachts, with some available for rent in the capital of yachting Monaco.

VanQuich 45:

One of the very few yachts built in Aluminium in that class, the Vanquish 45’ bring the world of the centre console to a new level. The walkaround boat offers all the luxury you can imagine in a compact 45’, including a large bow lounge, a cockpit ideal to entertain guests as well as oversized sun pads on the aft. The yacht uniquely can accommodate up to 16 guests in the utmost luxury.

Sichterman 49:

The Sichterman 49 is one of the newest yachts to hit the market, featuring a quality Dutch-built hull with a private jet-like interior. Unlike any other yachts on the market, the interior of the Sichterman is designed to be used while cruising or at anchor to enjoy a retreat in the cold air-conditioned climate and escape the Mediterranean sun. A Sichterman 49 is uniquely available for charter in Monaco and the French Riviera.

Anvera 42:

The Anvera 42 is one of the world’s finest ribs. The yacht offers a stunning beach club aft, with fold-out balconies, while remaining as performant as a traditional rib. The boat can reach speeds upwards of 40 knots and offers a cabin down below with a day head. She is the perfect yacht to head over to the warm waters of the Italian Riviera.

There’s plenty of features that are traditionally seen only on much larger yachts that we are starting to see on smaller crafts, ideal for the yachtsman of the day to enjoy in the warm waters of the Italian or French Riviera!

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