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In this busy era of life, we have become limited to busy schedules and in that, we forget about enjoying our life. Busy schedules don’t allow us to plan trips. The best thing we can do to enjoy is planning a party and we can meet our loved ones.

If it’s a disco party then excitement gets to another level but while planning a disco party there are few tips to keep in mind to make it perfect so that everyone can enjoy it to the fullest at a party in jaipur .


This is the first and foremost important part of the disco party. Arrange your guest list according to you and send the invitations on time, so that people can plan according to it. You can use a digital platform for invitations but make sure it looks attractive; you can give a background of disco lights in the invitation to make it look fancy .

Give proper details in the invitation to the venue, timing, and theme of the party .Mention about the games and contest to attract the people. Mention the prizes to the winner. The digital medium of the invitation will not require any cost as well as it will be time-saving click here .


The main attraction of a disco party is its decoration.  Decoration includes the setup of lights .Attractive lightning lights up the energy of the party. Disco balls and black light will enhance the looks. If you are planning a party at home or it’s a free venue no need to worry about the expenses as you can get everything on rent.


Music acts as the heart of the party. some people don’t organize it before the party as they are dependent on the online playlist but it may create inconvenience and to avoid it you can organize your own playlist by mixing up the 70’s and new super hits. Make sure your music is strong and contains dancing hits so that it can trigger the energy of the people.


Delicious food is everyone’s choice but selecting food is yet another task for a disco party. Disco is popular since the 1970s.

So there should be a retro touch in everything you plan like decorations, music, and food also. Few food items are easily available from past to now like tang, popcorn, casseroles, and fondue.


If you are throwing a party, your responsibility becomes more because as a host of the disco party there are many arrangements to be made in advance like as booking of the venue on time or deciding the venue according to the party, how many people will attend it, checking up on the decorations according to the theme.

If possible choose a free venue like your home if it is spacious or you can ask your friends to favor this will help in avoiding extra expenses.


You don’t need to spend too much as you can easily dress up with few accessories and some creative ideas of dresses from an online platform. it will be pocket friendly as well as time-saving. Make sure as a host your outfit should be according to the theme of the party and inspired by the ’70s. Outfit adds feathers to your disco party.


A Disco party doesn’t mean that everyone will dance throughout the time as it will become boring and for that, you should plan some games for the guest, you can give a tag and honor them with the prize like whose outfit is best according to the disco party? Whose dance was entertaining?  Make sure your games are inspired by the ’70s

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