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Top 5 Certification Courses In Finance In India


In today’s digital era where we want things faster than anything. The same goes for careers, just merely completing your graduation or post-graduation won’t help you to get the skills that are required in the sphere of the corporate culture.

Things are getting tougher and so do they require the youths to become stronger.

Post-graduation or graduation is not solely enough to get your aims completed.

To get the desired career opportunities you need to do some professional courses and for the field of finance, it is indeed necessary for the youths to do professional courses.

Be focused on your aim and get clear on what you want. Well, the good thing is that you have tremendous choices. Today in the era of technological advancement the financial sector is becoming the backbone aspect of the economy.

The latest has a list of some crucial certification courses in finance to get opportunities in our aspired field.

What Is The Need To Do Certification Courses In Finance In India And What Are Its Benefits?

Generally, finance certification courses nearly last for 6 months which are aimed at providing financial and accounting knowledge to the candidates to realize the realities of the economy in the particular sphere. The good news to opt for these certification courses is that the professionals and finance receive handsome salaries and pay in their respective fields.

Having valid experience and a certification in the courses can give you an edge over other candidates in the field of finance or any other field.

The very benefits of doing certification courses in finance:

  • Courses provide job security to the candidates.
  • After pursuing this course the candidate can get professional skills and experience to indulge in work.
  • Candidates often get handsome salaries after doing such courses and there are many perks of growth available to them.
  • Helps them to become a perfect version of the workplace.
  • Provides a better field of profession for the candidate by making lots of connections and networks.

Let Us 5 Top Certification Courses In Finance In India:

1] Certificate program in Financial Analysis, Valuation & Risk Management

The certificate program in financial analysis is a packed course that equips students with skills of comprehending financial principles. The course syllabus includes grounding knowledge of Corporate Finance & Financial Markets, Equity Research, Risk Management, etc. You can enroll in this course if you have a bachelor’s degree with maths background.

2]Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Certification

Chartered financial analyst certification course is considered as one of the most prestigious courses among the finance certification courses. In recent times the demand for chartered financial analysts has increased rapidly.

The institute that offers the certification as the chartered financial analyst institute. In order to take up this course one needs to appear for the chartered financial analyst (CFA) exam, the CS exam is conducted in order to induct students and the exam tries to evaluate the knowledge and learning ability of the students in the field of finance.

3]Certificate Program In Business Correspondent

The certification course of the program in business correspondent is created in order to test and examine the efficiency and productivity of banking employees and officials in the financial sector, operations of the banking system in terms of the financial subject. Secondly, to award the successful candidates diplomas and courses credits. Thirdly, to provide educational support to the candidates.

4]Global Finance And Accounting Program

The certification course of global finance and accounting program aims to provide Global standard of learning aspects in the field of accounting. The certification focuses on providing the concepts of global accounting systems, global financial reporting accounting, different payable processes, international accounting rules and regulations. A good blend of techniques and skills are used in this program to teach the students after successfully completing the course the student has to undergo an exam which is conducted by National Stock Exchange Academy.

5)Certified Healthcare Financial Profession

The certified healthcare financial profession( CHFP)course is aimed at providing the students the skills to manage the financial aspects in the healthcare sector. The subjects which are involved in this course are Business Acumen, Collaboration, Financial strategy, Understanding future trends.

The certified healthcare financial professionals for those people who are the clinical,non clinical leaders and professionals who want to understand and evaluate the financial realities in the healthcare sector.

Job Prospects

After acquiring the particular certification courses in the field of finance you will be able to work in following niches. Well one could get tremendous job opportunities and working prospects after doing the certification courses and the job prospects are written in the following lines:-

  • Financial Analysis
  • Investment Banking

Credit Ratings

  • Merger & Acquisitions
  • Project Finance
  • Financial Risk Manager
  • Chartered Economic Analyst
  • Energy Risk Professional
  • Merger And Acquisition Analyst
  • Treasury professional
  • Chartered Market Technician
  • Investment Analyst


In concluding part we would like to conclude that in this piece of article we have tried to cover the top 5 online certification in finance in India that will help you to become a professional in the field of finance and related spheres.

Now that we all are aware about the benefits and types of courses which are available in the finance sector, the candidates can simply go for one of these courses in order to become professional and receive handsome salaries in the near future. The career opportunities in this field are tremendous.

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